Folder launcher that is an Android app in Android devices:

Folder launcher actually is one of the Android apps on your Android devices so if you have always desired to manage your all setting of apps on Android devices then the website of is perfect for what you need. This Android app permits you to generate folders that are custom and keep them in the various places of different apps for intimate simple access. Limitlessly now further scrolling is not needed through the versions of apps that encumber your front screen.

This app serves you to remain things managed by engaging all of your very regularly utilize apps in one so easy to seek folder. In addition, it excludes many valuable features like as launching quick folders indirectly from the screen and having the ability to share the folders with others in an easy way. So overall this app is one of great contrivance for managing your device of Android and remaining it so easy to seek and gain access to the apps that you use commonly.

About the installation of this app:

In the process of downloading this app on Android devices because this is an Android app. First to go on the play store and search for the website of Then click on the icon features and two darts in which one up and one down. You can also only type folder Launcher in the searching area. Then once you search for it click the app option to read its depiction carefully and then click on the button to install.

When the installation of the app is done then you will see an icon with the shortcut device on the home screen or on the menu of the app. Easily tap it and hey presto that you are ready to organize the folders as per your predilection. Only remember that thing this app can only be installed on devices of Android that running is higher of OS 4.0.

The features of the

Folder Launcher is one of the Android packages that names your devices as a default launcher app. You can utilize this app to generate folders and consolidate your devices of Android. The following features of it are given as”

  • The organization of automatic folder
  • To customization of folders
  • The features of security


In the automatic organization of folders powerful features permit its users to arrange the apps and all other data by grouping and alphabetically in any class-like fashion, they select. In customizing the folder you can add icons, adjust the position, and even to add your own favorite color on the home screen to each one. In the features of the security process, it has many security measures to help to remain all data secure.

The benefits of this Android app folder launcher:

This Android app of Folder Launcher has sufficiently a lot of great advantages that prove it a valuable tool for composing your device of Android. Besides the expediency of a folder process this app is so easy to use and instinctive. There are some benefits that we gain by using this launcher app are following:

  • Its setup is so easy
  • The customization of this Android app is so free
  • It greatly saves the space and improves the performance of the device

The manga apps customize the folders with a folder launcher website

The process of spruce up on your screen that you really want to know is that. Then the Folder Launcher is a perfect way to customize the all folders and apps of manga with this website. The app of launcher proves it so easy and manga the apps thus you can achieve more of the devices.

The following steps are given:

  • First, you can create a custom folder and also rename the folder that to suit your choice
  • You can also move the folders of apps all around between that you want
  • This is more convenient because it allows you to add the other icon and also add shortcuts to the folders as well.





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