Desantis Disney Controversy: A Look at the New Special Tax District Appointed by the Governor

Gone are the days of no control! Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis, has recently taken a bold step in taking control of Disney’s amusement park operations in the state by creating a new special tax district which is now called Desantis Disney Controversy. That’s right—all members of this district will be appointed by DeSantis himself, granting him influence on many areas such as tax collection, garbage pickup, construction and planning.

The new regulations have been welcomed by some and feared by others; however, what remains certain is that the governor has brought a sense of security to Florida citizens. Imagine– anyone who visits or lives in the state can rest easy knowing that they are in smart hands and can expect high-quality services!

At the same time, lawmakers have also granted the administration authority to transport migrants from anywhere in the United States as part of their mission to remove unauthorized aliens from Florida. While this might seem like it would only benefit one group at first glance, it ultimately functions for everyone’s benefit as it keeps all people safe from harm.

All in all, with these new investments into safety and quality assurance, there’s no question that DeSantis knows exactly what he’s doing!

Understanding the Power of Desantis Appointees and Desantis Disney Controversy

You may be wondering why the governor has such control over the land on which Disney’s amusement parks operate and what was the reason behind Desantis Disney Controversy. The answer lies in the newly approved bill creating a special tax district. This district, entirely composed of Desantis appointees, gives the governor authority to oversee ‘operations ranging from tax collection and garbage pickup to construction and planning’.

So not only can members of this special tax district make decisions that affect Disney’s amusement parks on a daily basis, but they can also determine the types of taxes to collect from the park—giving Desantis immense power over its operations.

In addition to this bill, legislation has been passed allowing Desantis to transport migrants from other US states in an effort to rid Florida of “unauthorized aliens”. With his appointment-filled districts and transportation program, it’s no wonder he has become a formidable force in Florida politics.

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What have Desantis Disney been arguing about?                     

The governor approved a bill in March that forbids teachers from discussing or teaching about sexual orientation and gender identity in several elementary school grades.

The Parental Rights in Education Act, also known by its detractors as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, has sparked discussion about its potential effects on kids across the country.

Conservatives praised the measure, but L.G.B.T.Q. campaigners and many teachers ridiculed it. Disney entered the discussion after originally remaining mute until its top executive, Bob Chapek, made repeated comments against the legislation.

Disney’s reaction was not well received by Republican leaders in the state, including Mr. DeSantis, who may run for president in 2024. In an email soliciting donations from supporters, Mr. DeSantis stated: “If Disney wants to create a fight, they chose the wrong guy.” This was the beginning of the Desantis Disney Controversy

What was said about Disney by conservatives?

After Disney criticised the education legislation, Mr. DeSantis and Fox News commentators started calling the firm “Woke Disney” in return.

It wasn’t the first time the company has been charged with taking positions that conservatives thought went too far. Disney has received criticism for a number of adjustments it has made to its theme parks and streaming services in recent years.

One of the modifications involves “retheming” Splash Mountain to distance it from the 1946 movie “Song of the South,” in which a former slave delivers African folktales. Also, Disney’s streaming service removed the movie from its library.

Additionally, Disney World updated its Pirates of the Caribbean attraction by deleting a segment that showed pirates auctioning off women. In order to be more inclusive, Disney has removed the phrase “Ladies and gentlemen, lads and girls” from some of their fireworks displays.

The conflict between Disney and Florida politicians is an example of the growing pressure on businesses to take sides in partisan fights.

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Why did Disney lose its unique tax status?

The special tax status grant to Disney World since 1967, which enables the megaresort to basically operate as its own city government, was attempt to be revoke by Mr. DeSantis last year. Despite being tuck between two counties, the theme park is managed by a separate zone call the Reedy Creek Improvement District.

Such a status has given the theme park the freedom to plan and approve construction on its site as it sees fit, to raise taxes to cover its own fire and medical response services, and even to produce some of the electricity it needs. Experts estimate that the corporation has saved millions of dollars every year in fees and taxes as a result of that status.

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