Tracey Travis Life antiquity & mash significance

Tracey Travis is an affiliate of Accenture’s sustenance of bearing as of July 2017. She is the decision-making immorality head of state & dominant monetary of the Estee Lauder Corporations.

By way of the major economic captain of the corporations, she is in authority aimed at universal investment, book-keeping, venture capitalist next of kin, statistics expertise, & line of attack to the innovative establishment improvement. In the past, she connects the corporation fashionable 2012, she is present as a high-ranking corruption commander & most important monetary field marshal at Ralph Lauren aimed at 7 an inordinate length of time. Up to that time, she works aimed at in high-ranking commercial, data knowledge & processes organizations starring roles at L Products. She brings into being her profession at universal engines as a fix-up & high-ranking pecuniary political analyst.

Tracey is a director of Meta platforms, Inc. She also currently serves on the board of Lincoln Center Theater & is a trustee on the board of overseers of Columbia University’s Graduate School of the corporation. Also, she was a director of Campbell Soup Corporation from 2011 to 2017 & was previously a director of Jo-Ann stores.

She embraces an MBA in sponsorship & procedure organization from Columbia Institution of higher tutoring & produced an unattached man of Scholarship gradation in Establishment Commerce from the Institution of higher education of Pittsburgh.

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 Life antiquity

Tracey Travis brings into organism her profession at All-purpose Diesel engine as & bring about & senior pecuniary political analyst. She is present as an administrator of Meta Display place. Travis similarly at this time obliges on the boarding of Lincoln Halfway Opinion Hall & is an executor on the sustenance of supervisors of Columbia Institution of higher education Alumna School of Professional.

Tracey Travis mash value

The predictable mash value of Tracey Travis is at the smallest amount 25.3 Billion dollars equally of February 15, 2023. She has possession in above 302 components of Estee Lauder run-of-the-mill rate above $1,642,970 & concluded the most recent 18 an inordinate length of time she retailed EL run-of-the-mill price above $14,639,540. Into the bargain, she creates $9,006,890 as the Topmost Monetarist Soldier of rank & Decision-making vice Head of state at Estee Lauder Corporation.


In place of the CFO of The Corporation Inc., Tracey Travis produced an aggregate reimbursement bundle of $9,132,500 in 2021. She made a payment of $990,000, standard prizes of $3,956,100, selections honors of $1,978,070, non-justice reimbursement of $2,054,260, & further reparation of $60,274.

In what way do I advocate for her?

The commercial dispatching give a lecture aimed at Tracey Travis & further corporation’s high-ranking director is 767 FIFTH AVE. Further corporation jerry can similarly get hold of with portable phone at (212) 572-4200 & by e-mail at

Purchasing or vending to the further corporations 

Tracey Travis consumes not been present aggressively interchange dividends of the corporation in the interior of the previous 3 months. Greatest in recent times, she wholesaled 47,640 dividends of the corporation’s routine in a professional arrangement on November 10th. The segments are located & traded at a run-of-the-mill worth of $344.99, aimed at an operation adding together $16,434,167.30.

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