Bring the Magic Home With a Figment Popcorn Bucket for Disney Parks’ EPCOT 40th Anniversary

You’re invited to bring the magic of Disney Parks home with a special Figment Popcorn Bucket for EPCOT’s 40th Anniversary! This unique, limited-time offering comes with a plastic-wrapped serving of multi-colored popcorn, plus a cool new EPCOT 40th Anniversary strap.

This is your chance to hold a piece of Disney Parks history in your hands: Figment, the winged purple dragon who symbolizes creativity and imagination, is at the center of the EPCOT ride experience. He’s also front and center on the lid of this special edition popcorn bucket. So don’t miss out – grab yours today before they’re gone forever!

Get a Closer Look at the Iconic EPCOT 40th Anniversary Strap

Take a closer look at the iconic EPCOT 40th Anniversary Strap that comes with the Figment Bucket! It’s a perfect way to bring home a souvenir from the parks that celebrates one of Disney’s longest-running attractions. The strap has bright colors, with Figment embroidered in a gold color, and reads “EPCOT 40” across its length. Plus, it’s adjustable and durable, so you can carry it around comfortably as you explore EPCOT.

You won’t want to miss out on this limited-edition item! Get your hands on a Figment Popcorn Bucket now and take home part of Disney’s magical history. Celebrate four decades of imagination with one special keepsake – the only souvenir that shows off both Figment AND EPCOT 40!

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The Limited-Edition Figment Popcorn Bucket

Bring the magic of Disney Parks home with a Figment Bucket for EPCOT’s 40th Anniversary! This limited-edition Popcorn Bucket comes with a special EPCOT 40th Anniversary strap, making it the perfect souvenir to remember this milestone year.

This classic popcorn bucket is full of fun features! Inside, you’ll find a plastic-wrapped serving of multi-colored popcorn to enjoy. Plus, the bucket itself is designed with Figment – the beloved purple dragon who appears throughout EPCOT’s long-running “Journey to Imagination” ride – on the outside.

So what are you waiting for? Grab one now and make your Disney Parks experience last. You never know when you’ll be able to get your hands on an iconic memento like this again!

A Brief History of Figment in Disney Parks

You may not know this, but Figment actually has a long and storied history within Disney Parks! He first debuted in EPCOT’s long-running ride “Journey to Imagination” back in 1982. Over the next few decades, he continued to serve as an ambassador of sorts for EPCOT, appearing in various marketing material and merchandise opportunities.

Now, as EPCOT celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, Figment is making a big comeback – this time for the 2021 edition of the Figment buckets! This $25 bucket came with a plastic-wrapped serving of multi-colored popcorn – perfect for bringing some delicious (and magical!) treats home from your day at Disney. And perhaps even more importantly, it also had a special EPCOT 40th Anniversary strap to commemorate this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

Bring home your own piece of Disney Magic today with the 2021 edition of the Figment Popcorn Bucket!

What’s Included in the Figment Popcorn Bucket?

When you get your Figment Popcorn Bucket for EPCOT 40th Anniversary, you’ll get the iconic Figment wings, which are detailed with pastel colors and glitter to make them extra magical. Plus, you’ll get a special strap with the EPCOT 40th Anniversary logo, so you can proudly show your support for this memorable milestone! And of course, your bucket also comes with a full-sized serving of multi-colored popcorn – perfect for popping in the microwave while you watch some of your favorite Disney movies!

In addition to these goodies, the Figment Bucket also includes a special 2023 commemorative pin to celebrate this momentous occasion. This pin features a large Figment in front of an open book with the words “I Dreamed A World” – just what every Disney fan needs! If that wasn’t enough, the inside surface of each bucket is adorned with colorful art featuring our beloved dragon. It’s truly something special that will take you back in time as soon as you have it in your hands.


To celebrate EPCOT’s 40th anniversary, the Figment popcorn bucket is a must-have item for anyone wanting to bring a little piece of EPCOT magic home with them. Not only does it come with a serving of multi-colored popcorn, but it also has a new EPCOT 40th anniversary strap exclusively available this year.

Disney fans, this is your chance to get a coveted piece of EPCOT history for yourself and for others – there’s no better way to celebrate the happiest place on earth than with a Figment bucket! So why wait? Head to Disney Parks to get your Figment bucket and join the celebration of EPCOT’s 40th anniversary!

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